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We offer basement waterproofing services as per the requirement detailed to us by our clients.
Dampness and moisture in the basement can lead to the development of mildew and mold. This can eventually decompose the base, Though interior waterproofing can avoid the water leakage in cellar, it only slightly prevents the interior of the partitions from getting harmed. This can damage the paint of your wall, and also damage the insulation. Basement exterior waterproofing takes care of your walls inside by avoiding water leakage. Waterproofing basement walls involves digging earth from around your home’s foundation. Some products of waterproofing are either sprayed or fixed in sheets.

It gives high film build up which provide exceleant water resistance. If we give proper waterproofing treatment from inner and outer side; it also prevent from rain water.
Prevents from mansonary substracts which are dengour.High durability and Competitive prices. It also provides effecctive protectio against alcohol, salt solution and mild acid action.
Prevents from mansonary substracts which are dengour.High durability and Competitive prices. It also provides effecctive protectio against alcohol, salt solution and mild acid action.

we understand that Waterproofing of basement is a big job and an expensive and hence we are committed to deliver our clients with services in an accurate manner. We offer these services at reasonable price to deliver our clients optimum satisfaction.

The bathroom area is exposed to water everyday. If the bathroom is not waterproofed during the stage of construction, repairing a leaking bathroom is lengthy process incurs huge costs.
Damages of bathroom-toilet or kitchen is caused by its porous (porous is the damage of concrete which having small holes on outlet).
Because of porous leakage are formed.
Also, if mother surface waterproofing is not done during construction may cause leakage.
During the fixing of English commode by screw will cause leakage in it.
It is essential that water used in bathrooms and kitchen is drained out only through the pipes.
To prevent the toilet-bathroom or kitchen from all these problems of leakages waterproofing is important.

Tiling Problems :-
Laying of tiles and quality is most important. If not done correctly, it leads to problems like cracking, hollow sounds and dampness issues due to water ingress through tile joints. Generally grey cement used to fix tiles and white cement for filling joints. These dry very quickly leading to improper application, poor adhesion and eventually tile cracking. To avoid the poor fixing of stile, we have to use the waterproofing chemical during its fixing.

Benefits of using waterproofing chemical during tiles fixing :-
It increases water resistivity of tiles.
Gives superior durability to tiles.
It also prevent from the chemicals to tiles.

High performance waterproof coating for all types of externally plastered & concrete walls, especially for the rain lashed walls. Unlike ordinary exterior paints, it provides dual benefit of aesthetics with waterproofing property to external walls.
Features of external waterproofing :-
No dilution required, Excellent ability to bridge cracks, Resistant to algae and fungus And Twice as thick as normal paints.
crack filler One-time ready to use, filler for all plastered surfaced for external cracks up to 10 mm width and depthfiller for all plastered surfaces that prevents water leakage through cracks.
It does not shrink after curing, dries fast & bonds strongly with cementetion.
Benefits :
Non-shrink even after curing, prevents from cohesive & adhesive failure on exposure on crack.
Non-sag nature helps in filling of vertical & overhead cracks.
No sanding required
External waterproofing provide excellant shine and finish.
External walls are built with masonry to fill the spaces in the RCC frame containing slabs, beams and columns.
This lends itself to seepage of rain from the external walls to the interiors.
Cracks in plasters lead to water seepage.
High performance waterproof coating that would prevent seepage of water from the external walls to the interiors of the building.
Q. What is the difference between paint and coating?
Ans :- Paints are 3050 micron thick and are not thick enough to resist the wind lashing rains that can damage the paint film. Coating like about 110120 micron thicker and tough enough to withstand the wind lashing rains.
Waterproofing service and our the other companies providing similar services in the industry. This makes water tank and swimming tank elastomeric, waterproofing and protective coating. Also makes it additives and acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder. It is applied to waterproofing and protect concrete and masonary substractes.
Our Water Tank Waterproofing service includes internal waterproofing for over head waterproofing tank and external wall waterproofing.In internal waterproofing for tank, we cover internal and external structural membranes with a layer of quality cement mortar. This is carried out by a team of professionals, which follows streamline methodology that includes breaking RCC surface, curing and preparatory work such as hacking out loose concrete cover. In external wall waterproofing, we apply one coat of primer and two coat of elastomeric waterproofing coating on the prepared surface as per approved shade and color to avoid leakage of water.

Seepage and leakage from overhead and underground tanks spoils the décor, helps growth of algae and fungus and leads to weakening of the structure. Such areas hence need to be waterproofed but also at the same time safe for potable water.

Cement by nature shrinks over the time resulting in cracks in plasters and concrete. Water-cement ratio is not maintained at sites causing capillaries to form resulting in leakages and dampness in due course of time.
Home stands on structure which put together with cement-concrete, mortar and plaster.
If water is allowed to seep through them, it will cause dampness, corrosion and further weaken, Its compressive strength.
During construction ratio of water and cement may cause for cracks on structure. And mixed material used after 3 to 6 hours will cause weakness of structure.
To give solution on these all things structural waterproofing is important.

Benefits of structural waterproofing :

It imparts waterproofing to concrete & cement-sand plaster.
Chemical coating exceeds requirement of IS 9103 for water reduction and IS 2645 for water impermeability.
It gives superior compressive strength to wall longer lasting.
Also enhances the life of paint when added to exterior putty.
Prevents cracks an dampness
Increases the strength of concrete
Delays corrosion of steel bars
Improves workability of mortar

A unique waterproofing coating for carrying out waterproofing of terrace of any kind without breaking the existing brick-bat coba, concrete screed etc.
Terrace indeed is the most important part of house or building.
A properly constructed terrace has around 30 to 50 years of life.
But leakage and seepage caused by improper slope, cogged drainage pipes, cracks & damages on the terrace slab, resulting to seepage and leakage on the floor below by standing water on roof.
A roof is exposed to severe weather conditions throughout the year. If a Roof is not waterproofed properly, it leads to damp patches on the ceiling. In case of severe cases, water seeps down and results in leakages. Acknowledged and accredited for their perfect finish, these offered services are rendered by proficiency employees using advanced tools. Oldest terrace without any breaking we can solve waterproofing problems. It also helps to make terrace cold applied, elastomeric and acrylic waterproofing coating with warranty.

Terrace waterproofing is a very critical area as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains.
The terrace surface tends to accumulate rain water which in due course starts seeping inside the slab.
Over time the deterioration of the surface will increase leading to more damage.


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